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WWTS. The Power to Control Your Environment.

A WWTS system will help you to control a single building or multiple facilities.

Efficiently…  Reliably…  Cost-effectively…

WWTS provides system design, environmental controls, security systems, remote monitoring and a team of responsive on-site and off-site maintenance specialists for all commercial facilities. A WWTS system can be created to upgrade existing equipment or we can design and install a customized, integrated facility management system – mechanical or computerized.

A WWTS system will mean optimal operational and maintenance efficiency, reliability and cost-effective operation. The benefits for you? Improved safety, security and comfort for your employees and guests. In addition to, improved security for your facilities and assets while delivering lower utility bills.

WWTS…  Experience you can bank on…

WWTS has been a major force in infrastructure technologies – environmental controls and security management systems for over two decades. Our extensive experience includes providing building automation and network control systems for school districts, universities, libraries, museums, hospitals, sports stadiums, government and industrial facilities, water treatment plants and commercial office buildings.

WWTS clients throughout Michigan benefit from our grasp of environmental controls technology and our partnerships with leading component developers and suppliers. Among others, WWTS represents LOYTEC [Delta Electronics (Americas), Inc.], a leading global provider of building control components and security systems management technology.

WWTS customers include the health care industry, hospital facilities, the Michigan school districts, fire departments, public works and governmental facilities of the City of Detroit and an extensive list of other commercial and governmental facilities.

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